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George is a modern-day renaissance man. Not in the classical sense of art, sculpture, painting but one of the body, mind, and the spirit. At first, Top Ten Magazine was going to do a 6-page feature on George but the deeper you go discovering who this man really is, the more you need to write.

We started with George the personal trainer, then discovered a man educated at Carleton University where he obtained a degree in psychology. George is more than a fitness trainer, he is a weight loss expert with his lifestyle retreats, Reiki Master, skilled in Lithotherapy, and Yoga Instructor.

How do we fit that in only 6 pages? Hence, welcome to our special edition featuring George Sabbagh.  Local heroes are needed. Success stories should be shared. We have seen the spotlight shine on the top success stories before but have the interviews really explored the whole person, the mind behind the face. Success breeds success and perhaps someone reading this magazine will find motivation to become more than they are now.

George is a success story. When Top Ten Magazine started interviewing.  George, he owned 3 homes in Ottawa, all side by side. He is a single man and has done this all by himself. He works 6-7 days a week, 8-12 hours a day, and when he takes a holiday, he finds himself longing to be home, working and helping people.

Recently Geoge sold one of his houses and continues to train people in his many fields of expertise. As you peruse the testimonials from distinguished clients such as Olympic Medalists, Doctors, and Professors, you quickly realize George delivers results. In today’s world, results are what people want. Top Ten brings you George, more than just a fitness trainer.


Top Ten Magazine is proud to feature George The Personal Trainer on the cover and also in an in depth story about his professional growth. This will be broken into sections as he is more than just a fitness trainer. From grade 6 George wanted to be a physical education teacher. However, after graduating with a degree from Carleton University in psychology and trying co-op teaching at an elementary school, George quickly figured out that he wanted to work with people personally on a one on one basis. George went on to receive his personal training certificate through the YMCA where he learned about their triangle concept of Mind, Body, Spirit. Since then, he has always been intrigued by the interconnectedness of these three entities. It is this triangle concept that catapulted his journey in discovering how to understand, be aware of, and then learn how to manipulate each separately and in combination to help his clients.

His journey started at the age of 8 years old as an athlete. Now, after 35 years of guided experimentation, while learning different physical, spiritual and mental practices, he enjoys using intuitively an eclectic approach to personal training to achieve his clients’ different goals such as: weight loss, lower blood pressure or blood glucose, muscle growth/muscle tone, or simply stress relief.



In 1997, George got his personal training certificate from the YMCA and started his business from the basement of his parents’ house. When he met his first 10 new clients, he knew they were guided towards him to help in his development of being much more than just a fitness trainer. The first clients were doctors, a psychiatrist, Zen Monks, a catholic priest, a bookkeeper with extensive knowledge in accounting and tax law, lawyers, and a
couple of life coaches. George believed he was learning as much as he was teaching during each workout session. These workout sessions till today are filled with intense physical exercises mixed with laughter and deep conversations!

George: “I LOVE every minute I spend with each one of my clients with the deep gratitude and understanding that these precious moments of magical exchanges have a much greater purpose than the obvious!!!” In 2003, George opened a storefront on Beechwood Avenue with two huge advertising signs with his New logo “George The Personal Trainer Private Gym” It was a huge success, which allowed him to buy his first house 5 minutes from his store.

In 2004, he closed the store and transferred his private gym to his new house with 12ft. ceilings and 10ft windows; It was the perfect private gym! The best way to understand the kind of relationships George has with his clients is through the testimonials he has received over the years.

“To George, Thank you for the workouts. You really push me like no one else!”
– Vanda Maria Hadarean, 1992 Olympic Silver Medalist in gymnastics, IFBB Pro, and four times Miss Fitness World.


screen-shot-2016-09-14-at-9-09-07-pmIt is a pleasure to write this testimonial for “George The Personal Trainer”. During the time I have worked with George, I have benefited both physically and mentally. His enthusiasm, energy, attention to detail, and charm have helped me go beyond all my expectations. As a professional figure skater, body awareness, strength, and general well-being is a goal I have been able to achieve through this one on one attention. I always thought this intense training builds character, however, with George, this training reveals it. Thanks George!!

Brian Orser – Figure skater Olympic medalist


screen-shot-2016-09-14-at-9-11-52-pmJ’ai eu le plaisir de faire de l’entraînement physique avec George depuis deux ans, environ trois fois par semaine. J’ai perdu 30 livres tout en améliorant ma masse musculaire de façon considérable . La méditation m’a donné une sérénité et un calme qui m’aident à gérer mon stresse quotidien. George est consciencieux et très professionnel. Il a su me motiver à atteindre mes buts tout en respectant mes besoins comme personne. Grâce à lui, ma santé et ma qualité de vie continuent à s’améliorer.

Merci chaleureusement George!

Hugette Koller
Otto’s BMW Centre

For thscreen-shot-2016-09-14-at-9-14-35-pme last 10 years, I have been coaching, mentoring and educating people regarding their health in one of the busiest and most successful chiropractic clinics in the country.
With George’s expertise, I’ve been able to shed those last few “stubborn” pregnancy pounds. George has made me realize that I’m a lot stronger than I thought I was and he somehow makes the workout enjoyable although you’re pushing yourself beyond your physical potential! (Now that’s talent!)

I especially enjoy the meditation we do. There’s nothing more extraordinary than experiencing a state of gratitude and reconnecting to your higher purpose. By the time I finish my training session, I feel re-energized and stress-free for the week.

Dr. Lise Cloutier, D.C.


After mascreen-shot-2016-09-14-at-9-16-35-pmny years of advising large organizations to propel themselves forward by tapping into their existing strengths in people, systems, and technology I was ready to find a Personal Trainer who could provide the same for me. I started seeing George in April 2003 and within four months had lost 30 pounds, had tons of energy and was in better physical condition than any other time in my life. George has the unique ability to translate theory and research into real-life solutions specific to my personal objectives and lifestyle. George’s passion for his work and caring nature has provided me with an environment to improve the quality of my life – physically, mentally and spiritually. I always look forward to my sessions with George. Indeed, fitness is not about looking good, it’s about feeling good.

Lynda-Anne Gray
Principal, Cadence Consulting


Having beenscreen-shot-2016-09-14-at-9-18-51-pm involved in the world of dance for over fifty years, it is seldom that I meet someone in the body training profession whom I consider to have the expertise and knowledge that I have in mine. I have found my counterpart in George, who is intense, demanding, supportive, intelligent and a hell of a lot of fun. This man is a total encyclopedia when it comes to muscle training and body fitness, healthy eating and pure enjoyment with one’s physical being.

Peter Boneham
Artistic Director  Le Groupe Dance Lab


Optimizing yoscreen-shot-2016-09-14-at-9-21-49-pmur health requires attention to mind, body, and soul. For someone like me with a busy schedule, the motivation of a personal trainer helps ensure I stay fit. George is more than a personal trainer however. He has become a friend and a mentor. His personal attention to all aspects of health and well-being help ensure success. What used to be a dreaded activity is now a totally energizing experience.

Dr. Don Kilby


screen-shot-2016-09-14-at-9-24-08-pmMy start with you one year ago was to re-connect with my commitment to fitness Specifically, my personal goals were to regain my strength following surgery, lose weight and tone muscle. What I accomplished, with you insights and unrelenting encouragement, exceeded all of my expectations. I have broken my bad eating habits (20 years of dedicated effort in the making) and learned how to sustain a balanced, nutritious diet at home and when dining out. I dropped six sizes. I walk with poise and sit with posture – commented on both by colleagues, and most importantly, my mom. You fixed a chronic muscle pain (old football injury) in just two minutes with a single stretching exercise.

You gave me strength, both physically and mentally, to endure intriguing times. I came out stronger than when I went in. I resist endless temptation and feel absolutely amazing as a result. I feel better today than ever before, and take comfort in the knowledge that my investment now will keep me strong and healthy later in life. You inject laughter and fun into what can only be defined as a tough work-out. It keeps us coming back for more. We refer your talents to the friend and colleagues we care most about.

Keep doing what you’re doing.
You excel at it!

Wendy Cumming
Previous Senior Vice President, Communications
Hill & Knowlton Ottawa


George was raised in Longueuil, Quebec. As a child, he was very weak and sickly with ear infections and asthma. His father Noel Sabbagh had introduced him to sports such as soccer, basketball, running and PUSH UPS at the age of 8. He encouraged him to do push-ups at every commercial break during his favourite TV shows. Thirty-two years later, George starts producing an online reality show “So You Think UR In SHAPE For Fighters.”

He introduces exercises that he and elite athletes can perform, such as Handstand Dumbell push ups. To celebrate his mid-life crisis, he drives to the famous Rocky Steps in Philadelphia with his camera crew of 3, to film what no Human has ever done! Push ups backwards up the 72 steps that Rocky Balboa made famous running up.

George The Personal Trainer and Derick Fage Comedy Training
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