The number one fitness training tip is ‘never compromise your health.’ No diet, weight loss or fitness training program should present a short or long term risk to health. The only person to trust with your health is a medical professional who is familiar with your medical history. My fitness program usually represents medium to drastic lifestyle changes for most people. So please don’t start without getting a doctor’s approval in making any modifications that he or she suggests.

In following any fitness program always remember that you should suffer no negative side effects.
Your health comes first.

Weight Loss Retreat with George the Personal Trainer guarantees


7-20 lbs off per week!

You’ll achieve your goals through:

  • personalized, scheduled workouts
  • healthy meals
  • meditation
  • and much more!
“Most people just think about their careers, but without your health you have nothing.” – George

Throughout my journey, I’ve discovered that the beauty of the human body is that it will improve at any age. Anyone with a proper fitness and nutritional regimen can become another health and fitness success story.